Holding companies in Latvia

Back 20 april, 2018 Building a holding structure in Latvia is a great way to expand and develop your business. The main goal of creating a holding company is to unite a group of companies in order to administrate a mutual financial flow and assets. Thus, you can grow your market place, increase capitalization and the value of your company.

When choosing a country to create a holding organization, it is necessary to take into account a valid income tax imposed on companies. After some amendments of the law On Enterprise Income Tax were made in 2013, holding companies in Latvia began to develop faster than ever. Comfortable conditions for business sector had been made; as a result, additional investments were attracted.

It’s necessary to bear in mind, that since 1st of January 2018 the new Enterprise Income Tax Law came into force, which also regulates activities of holdings companies in Latvia. That’s why it is crucial to know about recent changes in legislation. Law firm INLAT PLUS international lawyers will help you in organizing a holding structure in view of valid regulation.

For what purposes holding companies are created?

Holding company is created to effectively administrate a group of companies in order to:

Tax privileges for holding companies in Latvia

Due to ES jurisdiction, favorable conditions of organizing a holding company will give an opportunity for entrepreneurs to decrease taxes for selling authorized capital parts of subsidiary companies by the amount of earnings. Income tax for dividends also can be decreased by the amount of obtained dividends from VAT taxable person in another country. There is also a government-supported financial support for companies connected to agriculture – income taxes for receiving support are only 50% of the amount. Latvia also signed conventions for the avoidance of double taxation with more than 50 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and others.

To register a holding company in Latvia you need to keep in mind these factors:

It also should be noted that Latvian legislation is under EU jurisdiction, that’s why there are no limits on shareholder’s country of residence, doing business with private persons, buying licenses and other business activities connected to managing holding organization.

What makes Latvia so attractive for holding company registration?

In contrast to other countries, Latvia has lots of advantages in terms of holding registration:

For holding company registration in Latvia it is important to have legal support in order to avoid needless expenses and use privileges granted by law. Law firm INLAT PLUS international will provide necessary legal support and help to solve all problems with registration.

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