Malta Company Registration

Back 09 april, 2018 Malta is rightly considered to be one of the most attractive EU countries for doing business. Malta’s advantageous geographic location in the Mediterranean Sea and entrepreneur-friendly tax climate proved to be crucial for prosperous business. In contrast to other countries with low taxes and simple business accounting, Malta has gained authority amongst clients and international partners.

Company registration in Malta will allow you to organize all possible forms of legal business under the EU jurisdiction. The minimal share capital of Maltese company is EUR 1200 of which just 20% (EUR 240) needs to be paid for registration. The company consists of one director and two shareholders.

Even though Malta is regarded as an entrepreneur-friendly country, accounts and tax filling must be submitted every year. A low tax rate is a distinguished feature of running a company in Malta. During the first two months, the regular corporate tax rate is 35%. After two months the entrepreneur would be reimbursed 85% of that amount. In fact, it results in 5% final tax rate. Malta also signed numerous conventions for the avoidance of double taxation with various counties, Latvia and Russia included. Law firm INLAT PLUS international will help you to solve all potential registration problems and provide necessary legal support.

Advantages of company registration in Malta

Company registration and managing business in Malta offers significant advantages:

Setting up a company in Malta will not only allow developing favorable tax plans and expanding business but also give an opportunity to contact international companies and get Malta citizenship, if needed.

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