Residence permits in Latvia on the basis of a labour contract

Back 04 january, 2018 How to get a residence permit in Latvia under a labour contract?

To obtain a temporary residence permit for employment purposes in that case, if the enterprise is engaged in active economic activities, has a share capital not less than 2800 Euro and shall pay all required taxes and has no tax debts.

The acceptance of a foreign employee into a Latvian company as an employee is based on an employment contract. One of the important conditions is the minimum wage for foreign workers; it is not less than 859 Euros before taxes. Every year it is recalculated on the basis of statistical data. Also, the employer needs to register the employee in the State Revenue Service. A foreign worker has the same employee rights as an employee from Latvia or the EU countries.

How to get a job for a foreigner in Latvia

For employment on the basis of a labour contract, the Latvian employer must call the foreigner by applying an application to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.
To register a call, the employer must publish the vacancy in the portal of the State employment agency. The employer has the right to issue a challenge for a foreign employee only when in prepared position, Latvian citizen or non-citizen or a resident of the EU with the necessary skills was not adopted.
In order for the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs confirm the call, the employee must have an education to the claimed position or have a document confirming the experience in this position for at least 3 years.

If the employer wants to hire an employee for a position for where licenses, permits and registration in specific public or private institutions are required, then these documents must be submitted when processing the call.

An employer who wants to invite a foreign employee on the basis of a labour contract should not submit an application for a vacancy to the State Employment Agency in cases when a foreign specialist wants to work in the Republic of Latvia as:

• A specialist of high qualification;
• Coach;
• Artist;
• Administrator, technical assistant at the company that organizes concerts;
• Head of cultural activities for the money from the budget;
• A professional athlete;
• The teacher in the accredited institution;
• The specialist providing services to governmental organizations, or participating in the project on a global scale, where Latvia is participating;
• The employee has a contract on cooperation.

Application for the position does not apply to students coming to Latvia for practical training or internship in a Latvian educational institution.

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