Debt collection in Latvia

Back 17 july, 2017 Law office INLAT PLUS International is ready to help you with recovery of debts in Latvia from individuals and legal persons. Execution can be carried out before the court and in the court. The lawyers of our office will help not only repay the debt, but also to regulate the relationship between the creditor and the debtor in such a way that they can continue to successfully and fruitfully cooperate.

As practice and experience of our office shows, mostly, debt collection in Latvia occurs, not resorting to litigation. We act within the framework of the law that protects personal data of individuals and legal persons, as well as observing the regulations of LĀPPA (Association of extra-judicial execution creditors of debts of Latvia).

How is happening debt collection without the court?

1. The analysis of the situation and documentation, including the legal possibility of obtaining from the debtor's property to repay the debt.
2. Providing legal advice to the creditor and the options for recovery of debt.
3. Conducting the collection process, which includes:

Cost of debt collection services

Calculating the cost of the work of our law office depends on the complexity of the foreclosure process, as well as on the amount of debt. The payment for the service is determined in percentage terms and depends on the amount of the debt repaid. If the debtor does not wish to return the debt, it is possible to collect the debt in the court:

How is happening debt collection in the court?

Debt collection in Latvia when contacting us is professional and fast. We work with situations of any complexity and are always ready to help.

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