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Back 19 may, 2017 Legal services for foreign clients

Residence permit in Latvia

Law office INLAT PLUS international provides a comprehensive approach to the registration of a residence permit in Latvia. According to the current immigration legislation of Latvia, foreign citizens have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Latvia for a period of up to 5 years. The most common ways of obtaining a residence permit the appointment to the post the member of the Board (Director) in a company in Latvia, real estate purchase or investments in the share capital of the company registered in Latvia.

Advantages of obtaining a residence permit in Latvia:

1. The right to reside in Latvia for an unlimited number of days in a year.
2. The right to employment or commercial activity in Latvia.
3. Free regime of crossing the borders of Schengen and the right to live in them for up to 90 days within six months.
4. In the case of obtaining a temporary residence permit a foreign citizen family members can also take advantage of this right.
5. After 5 years of residence in Latvia, a foreign citizen has the legal right to obtain a permanent residence permit.

Company registration in Latvia

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the activities of the company without the support of a lawyer. Only a specialist in the field of law can provide qualified legal services for the foreign clients. You will be fully informed of the requirements of the law in the conduct of business activities.

Our office specializes in providing legal services for foreign clients from Russia, China, Turkey and other countries. We take care of the personal time of our clients, allowing the managers of companies to concentrate completely on doing business.

Law office INLAT PLUS international provides the following services:

1. Preparation of all necessary documents for company’s registration in Latvia;
2. Preparation of documents for any kind changes in the company (increase, decrease of share capital, legal address change, changes in the Board and in the Council);
3. Preparation of documents for the company reorganization, liquidation;
4. Representation of client's interests in all state institutions, including the Business Register and The State revenue service.

Tax planning

In recent years, one can notice an increase in the demand for one of the methods to improve the efficiency of entrepreneurial activity - the planning of tax payments. This technique is successfully implemented directly at the stage of registration and with the further accompaniment of your enterprise.

Tax planning is an activity that meets the requirements of the current legislation. Planning consists in the formation of an optimal model of economic activity, through which it is possible to significantly alleviate the volume of the tax burden.

Methods of tax planning:

1. Tax benefits;
2. Use of legislation;
3. Selection of the optimal form of the company;
4. Correct formation of accounting policy;
5. Adjustment of the timing of tax payments;
6. Forecast amendments to the tax legislation.